The Impact of Cosmetic Surgery in Modern Generation

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016 in Impact of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries are not limited in glamour world only; many people are going for this surgery just to become more beautiful. People who were overweight once, want to reduce their fat , or many people want to remove¬† scars or stretch mark from their body by having this cosmetic surgery. Some people who have low self esteem, doesn’t feel they are attractive enough, or who are heavily television watchers reported to undergo cosmetic surgery now a days.

Psychological Impact:

Some people think that they don’t have a proper body shape; they are not beautiful and attractive enough and want to change everything about themselves that may cause to lower down their self esteem. Some of them are too much conscious about their appearance that it can be affected their mental well being. Mental illness such as anorexia, body dismorphia can even arise due to over thinking of body’s appearance.¬† Because of these reasons people can themselves even. Cosmetic surgery can modify their body part according to their necessity. It can act as an alternative for mental illness.

before_and_after cosmetic surgery

But cosmetic surgery cannot always be a solution for these kinds of problems. Because if someone has this kind of mental disposition, he will never be happy even if his offending body part changed by the surgery. So people should understand that cosmetic surgery only doesn’t change someone’s mental state. It only masks the inner problem.

Physical Impact:

With age skin becomes looser and develops with fine line and wrinkles. Cosmetic surgery can be very effective for reversing the signs of aging. There are some injections for wrinkles to restore a youthful look. It can even improve often sun damaged skin, though it will make your skin to look better, but it will not look as good as skin which has not been damaged by the sun. People of 20s and 30s come to surgeon with the hope of getting rid of their scars, because it affects the confidence level of a person.

Some surgeries are required for proper functioning of the body part. For example, eyelid surgery helps to improve peripheral vision, nasal surgery helps to breathe better and reduce snoring. Plastic surgery gives benefits to them who are born with deformity or suffered deformity by injury or illness.

Impact on Career:

People who are having a job of customer interaction, sometime they need to improve their appearance that customers may perceive them differently. People prefer to look at attractive people, so a right procedure may give them a significant career boost. It gives them an extra confidence in the workplace when they need to interact with customers every day. Singer, models, actors do cosmetic surgery very often not only just to look younger but to look attractive also. And that definitely helps to boost their career.

Though cosmetic surgery helps to build up confidence again and make to look more beautiful, but it cannot help to solve problems which are in your mind.

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